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More than just photos!!
Save your favourite memories forever with Mitsubishi Electric’s range of Kiosk Gifts.Create personalised gifts with your photos from our extensive range of attractive photo gift solutions quickly and easily that you can share with friends and family.

Welcome to of Mitsubishi Electric.

Here you will be able to create and personalise your photos in the comfort of your home and print instantly in-store using a Mitsubishi Kiosk Gift system! Choose from a wide range of options that includes albums, calendars, greetings and frames. .

In just four easy steps you can create your unique gift!:

1) Choose your gift: album, calendar or greetings and frames.

2) Design the layout and theme at home.

3) Save it in a USB, Memory card or CD/DVD

4) Print it out in your usual photo shop with Mitsubishi Electric Kiosk Gifts(Check before you start that your store can provide you with the gift you choose).

Mitsubishi electric- Kiosk Gifts

More than just photos!!